Clothing alterations create the perfect fit for a new or favourite outfit. Whether its altering hems, tailoring a jacket at the waist or cuff, or perfecting the fit of your bridal or bridesmaids dress, your clothes can be altered to fit your body comfortably and stylishly.

When your clothes are damaged, repairs can be made, thus restoring them for day-to-day wear or for a special event. Repairs to zips, hems, buttons, or fabric can be made on your favourite clothes to give them a new lease on life.

If a truly loved garment that you can’t bear to throw out is beyond repair, it is possible to duplicate it using the old garment to create a new one.

You can contact Fiona on 0417 943 280 for all your clothing alterations and clothing repairs and be confident you are in the hands of a professionally trained seamstress.