Sewing classes run from March to November from Cavaney Couture’s studio in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Class size is limited to 5 or 6 students at a time.

The sewing lessons focus on getting to know your sewing machine, and foundation sewing techniques, while making fabulous garments.  Students learn at their own pace, and the lessons are focused at the individual sewer – whether you need beginner, intermediate or advanced sewing classes.

Sewing Techniques students have the option to learn are:

  • Clothing alterations
  • Different finishing techniques for evening-wear and garments
  • Altering and adjusting patterns
  • Sewing Swimwear
  • Sewing your own jeans
  • Patternmaking your personalised block or sloper

Contact Fiona for more information about the Dunsborough sewing classes.

Fiona also is happy to run one day sewing workshops in the South West of Western Australia, or in Perth.  If you are interested in the one day Workshops please contact Fiona or the ASG at